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"Organizations that truly excel in the future will be ones that discover how to tap people’s commitment and capability to learn at all levels of the organization" - Peter Senge




- Adults learn the best when they  can see the value of what they are learning, and how it connects with their actual work.

- Learning events should provide the chance to question, discuss and practice what is being learned.

   KAW offers assistance in all phases of the design process.  This includes:

·    Needs Assessment to identify the specific knowledge and skills people need to produce targeted results.

·    Learning Objectives that define desired performance improvements.

·    Design of Training Content and Instructional Materials that reflect  how adults like to learn.  Our design processes stress:

- Content directly linked to needed new performance levels.

- Use of interactive activities--such as case studies, discussions, roles plays, etc.--that provide opportunities to practice new skills in situations that mirror real life.


·    Design of Leader’s Guides so you can use your own instructors.  We know how to provide the type of support that instructors need to effectively facilitate training—whether they’re members of your training staff, or managers/supervisors who only do it infrequently.

·    Design of Application Guides to guide people how to use what they've learned back at work. 

·    Design of Coaching Guides to help Managers and Supervisors to reinforce use of training.

·    Evaluation of training programs so you can identify needed improvements to make training more effective, and determine if people are using what they’ve learned back at work.

·    Delivery of programs.

Who can Benefit from this service?

·    Small Training Departments with limited staff available to design training

·    Learning Directors who recognize the need to utilize outside design expertise.

·    In House Designers needing help with a portion of the design—materials, exercises, case studies, leader’s guides, etc.

Functional Areas of Expertise:

·    Leadership & Management Development

·    Effective Supervision

·    Team Effectiveness

·    Organizational & Personal Change Mgt.

·    Project Management

·    Internal Consulting Skills

·    Interpersonal Effectiveness

·    Interviewing and Selection

Samples: To view some samples of our work click on the appropriate link below:

         - Sample Programs

         - Sample Leader's Guide

         - Sample Case Study

White Paper: Training on a Shoestring

Click Here to view our white paper on how to develop and distribute high value training materials on a shoestring.

Requests for Proposals

KAW welcomes the opportunity to be on your list of potential providers and participate in appropriate requests for proposals.  To contact us about how we can help meet your needs click here.

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