Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning: The process of envisioning a desired future and developing the necessary plans in order to get there.



  • Economic challenges have created opportunities that will greatly reward those organizations with the insight to recognize how to prosper in the new economy.
  • Successful strategic thinking requires well designed processes that allow the organization to develop, capture its insights, and turn them into plans that will act as the maps to the desired future state.
Fundamental, rapid change in markets, management practices, and technology has become the norm in today’s knowledge based, information economy. What’s more, the extent and speed of this change is so deep that those organizations wishing to thrive in the new economy must actively engage in understanding what’s required to be successful in the future and planning for how to get there. For those with insight, the opportunities are tremendous. Those who lack it become potential "dinosaurs"-- unable to adapt and survive the demands of the new environment.

KAW Consulting has expertise is helping your organization engage in fruitful strategic planning. We understand both the need, and the difficulties involved. We recognize that good strategic thinking involves people engaged in a difficult group thinking process, and have developed methodologies that enable the group to be able to work together on such an effort successfully


Our expertise includes:

  • Assistance with design of a strategic planning processes utilizing methodologies that are tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

  • Facilitation of strategic planning activities.
  • Assistance with development of action plans needed to realize the benefits of your strategic insights.
  • Assistance with designing and implementing major change initiatives whether in a Department, Group or across the entire Organization.
  • Strategic Human Resource planning

Who can Benefit from this service?

Anyone charged with:

-     Planning the future direction for an organization, department, group or team

-     Identifying and implementing needed changes


-     Executives

-     Managers

-     Supervisors

-     Team Leaders

-     Internal Consultants



Samples: Click here to view our White Paper covering the basics concepts and principles of an effective Strategic Planning Process.

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