Sample Projects


Here’s a brief sampling of how clients have used our services to help meet their specific business needs.


Training & Development


Challenge:  Client needed to enhance the ability of its in-house consultants to provide internal Human Resource/Organizational Development consulting.


Solution:  KAW developed and delivered a customized program that combined internal consulting skills with specific situations being faced by the consultants.  This approach allowed the consultants to practice the newly learned concepts and skills in an environment that was safe, but closely resembled the types of situations they would actually face in the near future.


Challenge:  Client needed to enhance the ability of management and key professionals to plan and manage projects.


Solution:  KAW developed and delivered a customized training and development program on project management from a leadership perspective.  Content and exercises specifically focused on the unique challenges faced in projects managed by the organization.



Human Resource Consulting


Challenge:  Client needed to identify relevant competencies, skills and knowledge by position, and use this information to redesign its performance management and development system.


Solution:  KAW worked with Human Resource Director and Senior Management to identify relevant competencies, and map needed competencies, skills and knowledge by position.  Position Models were then prepared by position that linked competencies with job responsibilities, and performance management tools developed to facilitate evaluation of use of competencies and job performance, and identify key development needs.


Challenge:  Client needed to understand responsibilities and needed expertise in new executive management position.


Solution:  KAW worked with Human Resources Director and Executive Management to understand position needs and prepare Executive Profile for use in recruiting and evaluating candidates.


Group/Team Development


Challenge:  Client needed to merge work groups, and develop a shared focus on new group purpose and goals, and develop a sense of shared sense of team among group members.


Solution:  KAW worked hand in hand with Management to design and deliver team development processes to introduce team members to new goals and direction, and enhance teamwork skills.  Processes were directly linked to challenges faced by new team, and skills needed to function effectively as a team in the new environment.


Strategic Planning


Challenge:  Client needed to engage in high level strategic planning to plot course for major transformation over the next five years.


Solution:  KAW worked hand in hand with Senior Human Resources Management to design and facilitate strategic planning processes for the Executive Management Team that allowed them to concentrate their thinking on major strategic issues and reach consensus on a new strategic direction.


 Organizational Development


Challenge:  Client needed to improve collaboration between multiple functions involved in the sale and distribution of its products.


Solution:  KAW worked with Senior HR Management to facilitate focus groups with key representatives from each function to gain an understanding of the vital coordination points, and issues inhibiting desired level of collaboration.  Once identified, KAW assisted with the design of the major company wide training initiative for members of each function that focused on how to resolve the existing barriers, and achieve the needed level of collaboration.


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