Organizational Development

Organizational Development: Planned system-wide change geared towards achieving increased organizational effectiveness and performance.



-   In today's rapidly changing economy, organizations that flourish will be those that can deal with the dichotomy of effectively implementing major change while at the same time maintaining an environment based on trust and collaborative working relationships.

Building  such capability  is one of the principal human resource tasks for organizations wishing to remain competitive.


KAW has expertise in helping organizations focus and deal effectively with key organizational development issues.  Our expertise includes:

  • Team Development assistance to help teams form, develop and continue to function effectively. 

  • Design and facilitation of Strategic Planning processes to help groups effectively identify key strategic issues and develop action plans for achieving them.

  • Change Management planning to help identify how best to implement major changes whether in a Department, Group or across the entire Organization.

  • Organizational Development Plans that match behaviors the organization needs to reinforce with those needed to achieve its goals.

  • Vision, Mission and Core Values Statements for Organizations, Departments and Teams that match service goals with customer needs.


Who can Benefit from this service?

Anyone charged with:

-     Identifying and implementing needed changes

-     Fostering effective teamwork and collaborative working relationships

-     Planning the future direction for an organization, department, group or team


-     Executives

-     Managers

-     Supervisors

-     Team Leaders

-     Internal Consultants



Samples: Click here to view a samples of our work on planning for a major change initiative.


Requests for Proposals

KAW welcomes the opportunity to be on your list of potential providers and participate in appropriate requests for proposals.  To contact us about how we can help meet your needs click here.


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