Manager's Toolkit 


Key, Vital Skills for Managers, Supervisors and Team Members

To help Managers, Supervisors and Team Members learn the vital, essential skills needed to succeed in some of their most challenging tasks, KAW developed the Manager's Toolkit, a series of Team and Personal productivity tools for:

These electronic handbooks guide you step by step through each of these processes, and can be stored on your computer for ready reference whenever you need to design a meeting, hold a team discussion, delegate a task or manage a project. 


Like any great handbook, the handbooks in the "Manager's Toolkit" are something you'll want to use over and over again.  And unlike paper handbooks, that get lost easily, they're electronic books in PDF format, that you can store on your computer so you have them accessible each time you need to use them.  Just call up a handbook and it's ready to use. If you want a hard copy, you can print what you need.  To save you time, we've even included hyperlinks in the Table of Contents as appropriate so you can jump right to the page or section you need without having to spend time scrolling through unneeded pages.


What They Cover

"Meetings That Work" covers how to design and run effective meetings.  You'll learn:

"Team Tools" shows you and your team how to hold effective discussions for 5 of the most important situations your team is likely to face.  You'll learn how to effectively:

"Delegating for Results" covers how to delegate work effectively.  You'll learn how to:

"Project Management for Managers and Supervisors" covers the essentials of project management.  You'll learn how to:

"Time Management for Managers and Supervisors" covers the essentials of time management.  You'll learn how to:

"Coaching Skills for Managers and Supervisors" covers the basic skills you need to effectively coach your employees. You'll learn how to:

How to Purchase

We've made the titles in  "The Manager's Toolkit" extremely easy to purchase as either a single user, or to share with others in your organization by purchasing additional licenses and sending the handbook(s) out by e-mail.  To see applicable price and purchase information and a sample for the title your interested in, click on the applicable link below.

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