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Organizations that excel in managing their Human Capital will far out perform those that don't.





    - Success in the knowledge based economy will belong to organizations that can  attract,  develop and retain  people with the competencies required to meet strategic business goals.

    - This requires a clear understanding of expected contributions, accountabilities and required competencies in key positions.

KAW understands the vital importance of your organization's ability to attract, retain and develop the right people.  Since 1994, we've helped clients understand their people needs.  Our expertise includes:
  • Staffing Analysis to identify needed responsibilities and contribution requirements for key positions.
  • Competency Models that contain the key linkages between business goals, responsibilities, competencies and performance expectations

  • Position Profiles for recruiting high level positions that specify:

    - The position's specific contribution to attaining strategic goals.

    -  Expected contributions and accountabilities of the incumbent based on the expected projects the incumbent will manage or be heavily involved in.

    -   Examples of required key competencies the incumbent needs to possess, and how they are used in the position.

    -   A clear picture of the ideal candidate's previous experience, qualifications and key attributes.


  • Training and development for management in the use of competency models as a basis for performance management and employee development.

Our Profiles and Models are used by clients as recruiting tools, as backbones for performance management processes, and in succession planning.

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