Delegating for Results

Pre-Written, Off-the-Shelf Courseware for Trainers and HR Managers

Being able to delegate effectively is one of the most critical skills that Supervisors and Managers need to develop.  It helps someone accomplish much more than they could working alone, and allows them to devote their time and efforts to their most critical tasks, or things they do best.  Put simply, being able to delegate effectively is one of the keys to a successful career in Supervision, Management or other key leadership role.

To help trainers provide their  Supervisors and Managers with the training they need to learn these vital skills, KAW Consulting developed, "DELEGATING FOR RESULTS"a 1 Day, pre-written, turnkey, off the shelf course aimed at helping Supervisors and Managers become effective delegators.

Topics Include:

What's Included

"DELEGATING FOR RESULTS" provides you with what you need to conduct an effective workshop.  You get:

Who Should Buy This Course?

Because it's pre-written and off the shelf, "DELEGATING FOR RESULTS" is perfect for trainers and other professionals who need to conduct training for Supervisors and Managers how to delegate, but don't want to spend the large amount of time needed to research, design and develop a program from scratch. This includes:

Easy to Afford

We've made "DELEGATING FOR RESULTS" extremely easy to afford.  The base price for training up to 50 students is $350.  To train more than 50 you simply buy additional licenses. 


View Sample

We're sure that once you've seen a sample of "DELEGATING FOR RESULTS", you'll want to have it as one of your important training resources.  To view a sample Click Here.


How to Purchase

To purchase, simply Click Here to send an e-mail letting us know of your interest. Please leave the following contact information in the note: 

We will then contact you to arrange the purchase and send the file via e-mail.


Note: "DELEGATING FOR RESULTS" is only available for purchase by U.S. buyers.


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