Coaching Skills for Managers and Supervisors


Managers and Supervisors: Learn How To Coach Your Employees Effectively!

One of the most important tasks for Supervisors and Managers is coaching their employees. For many, it is also one of the most dreaded.  Supervisors and Managers often worry that their employees will react negatively to a coaching discussion.  Without the proper ground work employees may feel caught off guard, and indeed react negatively to what they consider as unwarranted criticism. 


Despite these reservations, the ability to effectively coach employees and help them attain the desired level of performance and/or development is often the difference between a successful or unsuccessful Manager or Supervisor.  Consequently, as a Supervisor or Manager, the ability to successfully coach your employees is one of the most important skill sets you need to develop.



To help you learn how to manage your time effectively, KAW Consulting developed,  "COACHING SKILLS FOR MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS", an electronic handbook, written in a clear, easy to read format, that  will help you learn these vital skills. You'll learn how to effectively:

·    Establish the groundwork to have an effective coaching relationship with your employees.

·    Determine expected performance levels for your employees’ major tasks and responsibilities.

·    Provide your employees with the needed training.

·    Analyze your employees’ current level of performance against expected levels, and identify areas needing improvement.

·    Hold an effective coaching discussion to provide employees with feedback on how they are doing, and develop plans for making needed improvements.


Why it Works

Most books on coaching employees focus on the wrong thing.  They are often modeled on sports coaching or other non-work related situations rather than the type of day to day situations that both Managers/Supervisors and employees face. "COACHING SKILLS FOR MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS" is exactly the opposite. The skills you'll learn are meant to be used in the work environment, not the athletic field.  


What's more, it's written in easy to understand language that walks you step by step through the process of how to coach your employees effectively.  We've even included sample forms you can use to identify how you want to define expected levels of performance, develop training plans, analyze how well your employees are performing, and plan an effective coaching discussion.


Like any great handbook, "COACHING SKILLS FOR MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS" is something you'll want to use over and over again..  And unlike paper handbooks, that get lost easily,  it's an electronic book in PDF format,  that you can store on your computer so you have it accessible each time you need to use it.  Just call it up and it's ready to use. If you want hard copy, you can print what you need.  To save you time, we've even included hyperlinks in the Table of Contents so you can jump right to the page or section you need without having to spend time scrolling through unneeded pages.


Easy to Afford

We've made "COACHING SKILLS FOR MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS" extremely easy to afford.  You can purchase it as a single copy right here online for just $21.95.  To provide it to other Managers and Supervisors across your organization, you can purchase additional licenses online for $19.95 and send it to them by e-mail.  


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